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AADGP Insight Groups

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Running a Dental Group Practice today has never been more complex. With navigating new governmental compliance matters, ever changing insurance carrier landscape, competitive challenges and who could forget, a world-wide pandemic, you would need to spend 24 hours a day just to keep abreast of what is happening in our industry.

That is why we are proud to announce the formulation of the AADGP Insight Groups. Insight Groups are collections of six to ten non-competing, like-sized Dental Group Practices that agree to share key indicators about their practice with other members. Each group is run by a professional moderator who assures that the group is moving in a positive direction. To become a member of an Insight Group potential members are vetted by the existing members of the group to make sure that the potential new member is willing to commit the time and energy to participate in the activities of the group.  A new member must also be willing to share key statistics (all confidentially of course) with the other group members who in turn share their information.

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Insight Group Goals

Continuous Improvement

Enable Practice C-Level Practice Management with best practices, new ideas and financial comparisons and industry benchmarks to improve your Practice’s performance and profitability

Financial Comparisons

Provide each member with financial comparisons of other group members along with average and best-in-class Practices

Proprietary Access to Data

Propriety Data Access

View metrics of other Insight Group members to provide members with the input they need to make real-time adjustments to their Practices

Support Network Between Meetings

Support Network

It’s lonely at the top, that is why each Insight Group Member has the support of your group peers along with the Group Moderators between meetings

Frequently Asked Questions

Why an AADGP Insight Group?

Only AADGP can bring the experience, support and system to provide Insight Group Members with actionable data that can make substantive improvements to Members’ Practices

How are groups organized?

Groups are  made up of non-competing Practices located in different geographic locations.

Groups are divided into the following classes

  • Level One: 1 Location
  • Level Two: 2 to 5 Locations
  • Level Three: 5 to 10 Locations
  • Level Four: Over 10 Locations
Who can join?

Membership in an AADGP Insight Group is intended for C-Level Management or Practice Ownership

Only AADGP Members are eligible to join a group.

What is the time commitment?

Half-day meetings are held six times a year; five of the meetings are held virtually and one is held live at the AADGP Expo every year.

What if something comes up in between meetings, can I get support?

Insight Groups communicate frequently between meetings. Members utilize their fellow group members and the AADGP Group Moderator to solve daily business issues. Your Group Moderator has the support of the complete AADGP Management Staff should issues arise.

What is the cost to join a Group?

Groups are divided into four levels

  • Level One: 1 Location
  • Level Two: 2-5 Locations
  • Level Three: 6 to 10 Locations
  • Level Four: over 10 Locations

This is done to assure that members our paired up with like business models to keep the experience on target and meaningful for all.

The costs for the program are paid monthly over the course of a one year committement.

  • Level One: 1 Location – $300 per month
  • Level Two: 2-5 Locations – $375 per month
  • Level Three: 6 to 10 Locations – $450 per month
  • Level Four: over 10 Locations – $500 per month
Can I try out a group?

Your first meeting is a “free test drive” without obligation to join. You’ll see how you stack up against the best of class Practices.

There is no charge for your first meeting so your investment is minimized to your time for a virtual meeting. Your initial meeting is an opportunity to see what the members can do for you and what you can do for them. If there is mutual agreement, you will be offered membership after your initial meeting.

What are the costs to join a group?

Membership is billed out on a monthly basis. The amount of the membership fee is dependant on the size of group your Practice is a member of. AADGP Senior Staff Director Mark Fitzgerald can provide you with the specific costs associated with being in a group.

To contact Mark call 630-5110-4510 or email him at

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