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Aligned Dental Partners

Aligned Dental Partners (ADP) is an innovative dental consulting company. ADP works with emerging DSOs, group practices, and entrepreneurial dentists. Practitioners work with Aligned Dental Partners to develop their platform, increase EBITDA, acquire additional practices, and drastically grow their company’s value. We help dental companies centralize their non-clinical functions and support their management teams, allowing dentists to focus on patient care. Aligned Dental Partners’ leadership team has successfully built, scaled, or launched hundreds of Dental Support Organizations and large group practices. Our team has been supporting the business of dentistry for over 35 years and has successfully builds, operates, and transitions dentist-owned and dentist-led groups to accomplish their goals while achieving premium valuations.


Mortenson Dental Partners


Mortenson Dental Partners

Mortenson Dental Partners is one of the largest groups of employee-owned dental practices in the United States. Beginning as a single practice in 1979, the company has grown to include 140 practices across nine states, employing over 1,800 team members and welcoming nearly one million patient visits each year. With services ranging from general and pediatric dentistry to orthodontics and oral surgery. Unlike most dental support organizations, MDP is completely employee owned. MDP’s values include “Share Abundantly” and “Build Relationships” which they thoroughly enjoy doing and was expressed in their Scaling Up Group Dental Symposiumconferences 2016-2019.

Straumann Group: Since our foundation many decades ago, we’ve been inspired to make people’s lives better. Our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to scientific excellence, has made us a global market leader in esthetic dentistry. We’ve transformed millions of lives. And we’ll transform millions more. Patients and professionals all over the world confirm that improved oral health increases self-confidence. It restores people’s self-esteem and unlocks their life potential. We are proud to be able to make a fundamental difference. Because what we do, goes way beyond simply restoring a smile.


Alphaeon Credit

Alphaeon Credit: “WE LOVE OFFERING OUR PATIENTS ALPHAEON CREDIT…to meet their financial and dental needs. We work with other financial companies, but Alphaeon is always the first company we offer to our patients. The provider portal is simplified and user-friendly, applications are less than 5 minutes and transactions are all in one place. The best part of Alphaeon is their customer service! I will recommend to all dentists and physicians.”


Bank of America

Bank of America: Rely on our industry knowledge to find the right financing for your practice.

Benco Dental is a full-service dental distributor, continually working to simplify dentistry’s needs. We offer a variety of supplies and equipment, and provide dental practices with services such as marketing, support, consulting, financial and more! Get everything you need to keep your practice up and running from Benco Dental.

As a family-owned enterprise, we have the luxury of thinking in decades, not quarters. Our long-term focus has enabled us to become America’s most innovative dental distributor, with every innovation designed for a world-class customer service.

Care Credit: We do something very simple at CareCredit: we help people get the care they want for themselves and their families.

And, for us, that’s very important. Together, with over 260,000+ health-focused provider and retail locations, we’re helping people access care. Thousands of times each day, people are using their CareCredit health, wellness and beauty credit card to have important dental work done, be fitted with new hearing aids, have vision or cosmetic procedures, and get care for a beloved family pet.

We help make it easy for people to get the care they want and need, right when they need it, without having to delay treatment or appointments.


Glidewell Dental

Glidewell Dental: Glidewell is among the world’s largest producers of custom dental restorations, and recognized as an industry-leading materials and devices manufacturer. Established in 1970 in Orange County, California, the company continues to build on its storied history of technological innovation and continuing education, committed to improving the quality and accessibility of oral healthcare. 


Smile Makers 

Smile Makers: For over 45 years SmileMakers has been the largest supplier of Children’s Incentives and giveaways which include: toys, treasure chests, stickers, sugar free candy….. to the dental industry.


Dental Intelligence

Dental Intelligence: Intelligently Shape the Future of Your Practice. Save time, grow your practice and create an ideal patient experience. Dental Intelligence is the only end-to-end practice performance solution in the dental market. We help practices increase production, number of visits, and collections while decreasing overhead using actionable insights and automation.


Design Ergonomics

Design Ergonomics: For over 25 years, Design Ergonomics has been leading the dental industry as the largest independent dental office design firm in the nation. We build in 2/3rds the space, equip at 2/3rds the cost, and our clients typically achieve production levels 2-3 times the national average. We Design, Equip and Train the nation’s most successful dental practices.

MVP Mailhouse: MapIQ, MVP’s proprietary targeting software, identifies your hottest neighborhoods by analyzing your current customer/patient data alongside sophisticated demographic, geographic, and competitive metrics like new mover activity, drive time, and migration patterns. MapIQ targets down to the best individual homes and neighborhoods instead of broad zip codes or a radius around your business. Improved targeting of homes leads to less spend and higher returns on your direct mail investment. Our experienced team of marketers and designers leverage that Design Lab data to your brand and business strengths to carefully create your personal custom design. 

Planet DDS: Proud of our impact, excited for the future.
From bringing the first dental practice management software to the cloud to acquiring the industry-leading imaging software company, we strive every day to build a legacy of innovation and service.


Black Diamond Radio

Black Diamond Radio: We provide Communication systems for dental offices. The only communication system designed to communicate with no need to change gloves! Smaller, lighter, easier to use and more durable than any other system. Black Diamond Radio has been dedicated to providing quality Dental and Medical Communications Systems for over 10 years!

Brasseler USA: For nearly 40 years, Brasseler USA has offered a comprehensive line of dental and surgical instrumentation. Our direct sales model allows us to provide the highest quality instrumentation available at competitive prices. With more than 15,000 products to choose from, all made to exacting standards, we are confident we have the instruments to make each practice successful.

We offer procedural and instrumentation solutions clinicians can trust to provide the performance they need to help them grow their practice. Quality products sold with integrity has been a hallmark of Brasseler USA from the beginning.


Clear Choice Consulting 

Clear Choice Consulting: Dental reimbursement and revenue cycle are often overlooked.  You need help battling the big insurance companies.  Let us focus on the fees, insurance, credentialing and payer negotiation.  That allows you to focus on delivering excellent clinical and patient care.

DentalXChange: The Dental Payments Platform- Accelerate your business and unlock new potential with the dental payments platform that connects your data, workflows, teams, and patients like never before.


Garfield Refining

Garfield Refining: Founded in 1892, Garfield Refining has been operating in Philadelphia, PA as one of North America’s oldest and most respected precious metal refineries. We refine metal for a variety of industries, and our expertise in dental refining is unrivaled.

Garfield officially established an exclusive DSO refining program in 2017 after identifying the need for a turnkey solution for groups. Our team of executives leveraged years of industry knowledge and experience to form our scalable program designed to seamlessly service groups. We’ve been proud to grow alongside so many great partners ever since.

IviSmile LLC: We pride ourselves on innovation and leading technology when it comes to teeth whitening. Our companies manufacture cutting edge products that include advanced whitening gels, LED light mouthpieces, whitening strips, mouthwashes, toothpastes, and power whitening LED toothbrushes. The team consists of world class designers, scientists, and engineers that create unparalleled products. We do extensive research and development on every product we produce.

We have more than 40 worldwide inventions and use our expertise to bring our customers products that keep them in the forefront of our industry. Our innovations include exclusive formula creation, design and development, sampling, molding, testing, and best in class production. Partners can expect a quick turnaround time on exclusive designed products that make their companies unique and competitive in the industry.


Zirc Dental Products

Zirc Dental Products: Zirc manufactures innovative products that allow dental teams to be happier and work more efficiently. For over 50 years, Zirc’s corporate headquarters have included manufacturing, distribution, and customer service in the dental industry. Located in Buffalo, Minnesota we have an amazing team of people who exemplify our core values of: Creativity, Finding Solutions, Integrity, Passion, Reliability, and Customer Focus. In addition to our Minnesota facility, our warehouse in Germany allows for quick product distribution throughout Europe.

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